6 Characteristics of Good Copywriters

Anyone who can write can be a copywriter. But how do you choose that one good copywriter you are looking for? If you follow the 6 characteristics of a good copywriter below, you are well on your way in the right direction.

Are you a copywriter yourself? Then you would do well to familiarize yourself with the following properties or characteristics. If you don’t already own them, of course.

1. Good copywriters solve problems

Good copywriters understand the problems a company faces. But they also understand the problem from the end customer’s perspective. A good copywriter translates this into fresh copy, free of jargon, that attracts new customers.

If you are a client, you can expect to get tough questions from your copywriter. But after that, you can count on copy that is written with emotion. Often written from a completely different point of view than you expected. Because copywriting is about solving problems and removing barriers.

2. A good copywriter knows about websites

You can expect accurate web copy from a good copywriter. He knows exactly how to keep his wording concise and captivating. And he makes suggestions for copy on buttons and other interactive elements. Tiny words with a huge UX impact. The so-called microcopy.

You can also expect recommendations regarding your existing content and the design or structure of your website. Does the website do what you expect it to do? Yes, a good copywriter certainly also has basic knowledge of IT.

3. A good copywriter wants YOU to be successful

A long-term partnership in which you will have success with your company, partly thanks to the good copy of the copywriter. That’s the importance of a good copywriter.

If you’ve hired the right copywriter, you’ll feel like you’ve found a partner who will help take your business to the next level.

If you take good care of your copywriter, he will often want to go the extra mile for you. Your success is the copywriter’s success.

4. Good copywriters are following trends

The best copywriters are the most curious copywriters. They write about the most diverse topics and enthusiastically immerse themselves in your products and services. They don’t mind doing their research and often come up with interesting details.

Because they have a lot of experience in searching for information and assessing it, they can also tell you a lot about trends in website design, content creation, and marketing. Information that can be useful to your company.

5. Good copywriters are flexible

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you have a good idea about the copy on the website. Sometimes not. A good copywriter helps you with ideas but also knows when to let you make a choice.

After all, as a business owner, you know most of your product or industry. And the copywriter knows how to present it to your customers in the best possible way.

A good copywriter dares to go against you if he does not agree with something. But they also know that the decision ultimately rests with his client. They will do everything they can to ensure that the copy appeals to your audience and that readers become customers.

6. A good copywriter doesn’t come cheap

Everything has its price. And so it is with copywriting. Sure, you can hire a cheap copywriter. You can even get words for as little as a penny per word.

But good and cheap seldom go together. Or the copywriter must like your project so much that he would even want to do it for free.

So for the best copy, you just have to pay. As with everything, really.

And oh yes, there’s a good chance that it’s not your turn right away. There is a lot of demand for good copywriters!

This is a translation from the original article on my blog about copywriting.



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